Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services throughout San Diego County, CA

We provide a safe, neutral, stress-free environment for children and parents who are going through the process of separation and divorce. We provide services at our centers as well as out in the community.

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Mission Statement

We support families struggling through the process of separation and divorce; to find ways to mend, and to minimize conflict while providing a safe and neutral place.

We provide these services to Residential Parents (RP) and to Visiting Parents (VP), as well as other legal parties without discrimination, bias, or prejudice.

Welcome to 101 Visitation LLC

101 Visitation LLC has over 40 years of combined experience in providing services to families throughout Southern California. 101 Visitation LLC is culturally diversified. We provide services in English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, and French.

We provide our professional monitors with ongoing training and abide by California Rules of Court Standard 5.20 and Family Court 3200 and 3200.5, as well as our internal policies and procedures.

We are TrustLine certified and have Live Scan background checks.

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About Us

101 Visitation understands parents’ unwavering love and dedication for their children. As parents ourselves, we know that you always want the absolute best for your little ones.

You strive to give them a stellar education, show them love, and protect them with all your might. However, we also know that navigating the complex world of custody rights can be anything but simple.

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Supervised Visitation and Exchanges:


  • Center-based:
    • Stonecrest/Mission Valley – San Diego
    • Iconic Third Avenue – Chula Vista
  • Out in the community


● Stonecrest/Mission Valley
● Iconic Third Avenue -Chula Vista
● Out in the community

Other Services Provided:


Center - Based

Agency services include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervised Parenting and Family Time
  • Supervised Child-Sharing Transfers
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Home Studies
  • Home Welfare Safety Checks
  • Drop-In Service to check on well-being issues of the children related to alcohol/drug history
  • Property Exchanges
  • Move Out Orders



What Our Clients Say About Us!

Leyla Kabban and her team of monitors have done anexcellent job on our case. They were able to work well with both their fatherand myself, helping us agree on a suitable schedule.

The daily notes are on point and kept up to date. Leyla and her staff havetreated both the father and I with ultimate respect. Her monitors wereoutstanding, well-trained and professional.

I highly recommend working with Leyla Kabban and her company if you need anyhelp with supervised visits or exchanges.

Sara B. (Residential Parent)

They have been very responsive and professional. My daughter and I visit there location and we spend time together. I read to her and we walk around. The staff is nice too and it makes it easier on me as it’s not ideal situation for us but they make it as smooth as possible.

Paul P. (Visiting Parent)

All the staff at 101 Visitation LLC, including and especially Ms. Leyla Kabban are the most professional and compassionate group of people in this arena. They understand the needs of every family they help and they are always there for the best interest of the children, no matter the situation. I highly recommend them. Thanks for all you do!

Araceli M. (Family Law Attorney)

Had a great experience with Leyla as my monitor and would recommend her to anyone who has to deal with difficult visitations or drop offs.

Ted F. (Visiting Parent)